Laura Mercier Secret Concealer – star product!

My hunt for the perfect undereye concealer has been a long one. When I’m being romantic I like to blame my Spanish colouring for the dark circles beneath my eyes. Practically speaking though you can add in a job, three children and the fact that I’m sitting here blogging at 11pm – yep, I get a bit tired and sometimes it shows.

I’ve tried all sorts of under eye concealers without loving the results. YSL’s classic Touch Eclat and Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer are good bets from the light reflective stable (they reflect light away from the area as well as concealing it) but they don’t really go the extra mile – I find there is a limit to how much you can apply before they refuse to blend in anymore.

At Bobbi Brown – where you usually can’t go wrong – I was offered a two-pronged attack of a concealer and powder (clearly very tired that day!) which seemed just one step too many for me and my busy lifestyle.

However, happy endings and all that…I discovered Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer on the way to a meeting when I caught sight of myself in a mirror and had the dreaded ‘Did I actually go to bed last night?’ moment. Luckily, the mirror was in a department store beauty hall (I was kind of taking the long route to work) so I asked for a bit of help and Secret Concealer was duly set before me. It looks very thick in its little pot, but the Vitamin E and A enriched moisturising formula means it glides on and blend like a dream – and its startlingly effective at evening out skin tone. I confess I even said ‘wow’ upon seeing my new, revived reflection. The LM website recommends you apply it after foundation but I find it fine to use on its own – a real plus point for me as I rarely wear base.

Secret Concealer (except its not secret now!) is available in six shades and costs £18 from Laura Mercier counters or

Got a concealer you don’t leave the house without? Tell me about it!