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10 spec-tacularly hot reasons to wear glasses

Kelly Brook - not wondering if men make passes at girls in glasses.

I’ve worn glasses since I was a teenager, and this much I know….

1. Removing them can be an extremely intimate and deeply sexy move. Particularly if you let him do it. A master of the art will, of course,  simultaneously release your up-do with his other hand (no pressure, guys)

2. You can chew the end of the arms – it’s a sort of healthier version of the phallic cigarette move. Don’t gnaw at them though – that just makes you look neurotic.

3. A bit of a ‘I’m just clearing my glasses’ mouth blow also draws attention to your lust-inducing pout. Especially in good lipstick.

4. You can ‘accidentally’ lose them should the need arise to make yourself seem a bit helpless and in need of some manly (ie his) assistance. N.B. Sitting on them is going too far. And expensive.

5. You can take them off and gaze deeply into his eyes. This emphasizes that all your attention is on him. On a practical level, it will be impossible to make eye contact with anyone else in the room anyway on account of everything being out of focus.

6. They always make you look clever. Wear them with your best work suit? Look chic and clever. Wear them with a maxi dress? Look boho and clever. Wear them with Agent Provocateur underwear? Look sexy and clever. What’s not to like?

7. They make you look like you’re not trying too hard – the sort of ‘I’m off duty but I’m still gorgeous’ look favoured by celebs like Cheryl Tweedy when they’re not at work.

8. When you look in a hot oven they steam up. This is extremely endearing. You can bet your bottom dollar he’ll be cleaning them off with the hem of his T shirt before you can say ‘How do you like your muffins?’

9. You can perfect the sexy librarian look. That’s a life skill in itself, believe me.

10. You can have him eating out of the palm of your hand with this classic man-melting move – drop chin, lift eyebrows and give him a couple of seconds of over-the-frame eye contact. He’ll be putty.

Me, working tip 7.

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Here’s last year’s star studded event to whet your appetite…

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