Rock n Roll star…Jo Wood Organics Bath Oil

I am rarely happier than when I am submerged in a bath full of fragrant oils, candles lit, steam billowing and fresh towels piled up ready and waiting.

So great bath oil is a very big deal for me. For a long time I have been unflinchingly loyal to Ren’s gorgeous Moroccan Rose Bath Oil. But, dear reader, I must confess that I have strayed and my new bathtime love is the utterly divine Usiku Organic Bath Oil by Jo Wood Organics.

Jo is the ex-wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie, and this highly concentrated and deeply aromatic bath essence is pure rock n roll. It combines a bohemian blend of cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli, cardamon and hot ginger. One whiff and you are transported to a rock star’s Marrakech harem. Dip your toe into the bath filled with it and you’ll start be looking round for a Rolls Royce and a swimming pool.

It is 97.5% organic, has the best looking logo around and, at £45, carries a rock star price tag – a truly heady indulgence.

Photo Paul Mitchell