If you want effortlessly sexy, tousled, bouncy hair like this (I do! I do!) then reach for the new Babyliss Waving Wand, a hot rod of hair happiness that takes boring, hanging-like-curtains hair and transforms it into tousled tresses of temptation.

I doubt there is a hair product on the market that is so simple to use – just heat it up and wrap sections of dry hair round the unique oval barrel for a few seconds. And because there is no clamp you don’t get that tell-tale crimped end.

Your hair will look so great that men will buy you flowers and propose on the spot, your boss will promote you, and a celebrity magazine will put you on the cover as their latest style icon (disclaimer – there is a distinct possibility that none of this will happen. But hey, your hair will still look fab!).

Desperate to give it a go? Hot foot it down to Boots or Argos where you can pick one up for £30.

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1 Response to “BABYLISS WAVING WAND – Hot Rod!!”

  1. 1 FortyNotOut October 14, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    That does look ludicrously easy. I dislike the whole faffing with hair to get it looking great – but love the end result. I just need a personal hairdresser – every day! x

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