According to research by Olay, a staggering 92% of women believe that beauty companies don’t listen to their views. As a result Olay has launched The Big British Beauty Poll, a comprehensive ‘beauty census’ on everything from clinically proven beauty products, top skincare concerns and beauty buying habits.

Personally I rate suitability, efficacy, price and brand reputation as my most important buying criteria for skincare. Add in a large dollop of luxurious pampering and you’ll have me hooked.

Filling in the census is an opportunity to flag up skincare concerns (the length of my list gives War & Peace a run for its money) and reveal how much you are prepared to spend to put them right. I confess to having a hoard of lovely beauty products in my bathroom although I’m quite good at turning my back on anything that requires a second mortgage, no matter what claims it makes about rejuvenation or wrinkle eradication.

I’ve ticked all the boxes in the section ‘cosmetic procedures I would consider having’ but have no wish to look ten years younger. Rather I would like to look in the mirror and see a great version of the current me looking back. I’ll admit that’s a bit elusive, but hopefully nothing that a skin care expert can’t bottle for me.

If you’d like to take part in the in the poll and are female and between 18 and 65 then go to and get your views heard.

Fancy a freebie (and a lovely one at that!)? Olay is also offering up to 500,000 of you the chance to be among the first to trial, rate and review Olay’s latest and most effective ‘luxury’ super-serum. The poll will be live until 20th October 2010.

This is a sponsored post.

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